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LLCZ is implementing a European Union supported project titled ‘Scaling Up Lifeline/Childline Zambia to Respond to COVID-19.’ The overall objective of the project is to improve access to GBV response services and reduce the risk of GBV for individuals impacted by COVID-19 in Zambia whilst the specific objective of the project is for LLCZ to have increased capacity to prevent and respond to the complex protection needs of survivors and those at risk of COVID-19 related GBV. Under the contract signed between LLCZ and the EU; LLCZ has a contractual obligation of hiring a consultant to modify global specialized trainings on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and working with survival and transactional sex workers trainings for online delivery and hiring a Psychologist/Psychosocial Support Consultant to conduct debriefing services and training on resilience and vicarious trauma to the organization’s counsellors and volunteers.

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  1. You are an extraordinary work and I can’t wait to work with this amazing organization. Currently am in my final year student at unza pursuing my studies in special education and physical education and sports.
    How I wish now is to do any volunteering work at your office.

  2. This is really beautiful exactly what I have been studying to become I am very much interested in working with your organization in every way to help children in their daily life routines .I am a hardworking female who and can work with a team and is academically distinguished in Couseling.

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